Sunday, 18 December 2011

Little Blue Dress.

Okay so this is a general post, not some fancy pants shoot. I'm going to see Rihanna in precisely  four days (so excited ) and have been planning an outfit ever since the dawn of time! I thought, hmm, Rihanna is so unique and edgy with her clothing so lets make my outfit relate to her..somehow. 

I picked this GORGEOUS dress from the Dress Up range in Topshop. It has a zip going right the way down the side of the dress (scarily unzips all the way aswell...risky) and has one shoulder. Then the highlight of the dress itself is the train on the dress which is on a diagonal. its.just.amazing. 

As for shoes, it has to be the Nine West heeled boots as they added a really rocker chic feel to them, without being to clumpy for the dress. They remind me of the Lita platform shoe boots which I also adore! 

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